How to send Bibles to most anywhere in the world without having to pay huge amounts for shipping cost


    This is the Web Page for the United Bible Society

Upon dialing the following phone number 1-212-408-1222 you will hear a recording telling you how to get a "certificate of credit" (
keep this phrase "certificate of credit" in mind, it's important terminology you will need in your letter) sent to another country in order to purchase and deliver Bibles in that country, you don't have to call the number but perhaps you might want to check and see if I got it right. You may also call (1 800-32-BIBLE) for more information. (I have succeeded in sending Bibles to India, Pakistan, and Africa) :

Send your check to:

American Bible Society cash receipts
P.O. Box 77
Tulsa, OK

with a letter asking for a "certificate of credit" with the recipient's name, Bible Language (or Bible type, if in English, such as KJV, NIV, GNB, NRSV, etc... if in another language, then just the language is all you can request, as far as I know, I tried getting a KJV translated into Urdu, but it just doesn't exist, lol), the recipient's e-mail address, if possible, their phone number if possible, and their shipping address, you will also need to indicate whether or not you want them shipped, and of course, all your information, so the ABS can contact you back. The American Bible Society  will contact you (through snail mail) and the recipient (this takes longer, as it is likely someone overseas)  with a receipt. All your money will go to getting Bibles. The cost of Bibles is generally $4 each, but if the person can't pick them up, you can pay an extra $1 to have them sent. In Africa it cost $7 each plus $1 for delivery. The reason Africa's Bibles cost more is because they have to make the Bible tougher due to the harsh climate there. Make sure you indicate whether or not you want them delivered, otherwise they will assume you wanted the recipient to pick them up, and sometimes that means the recipient will have to travel miles, even hundreds of miles, just to reach the Bible society in their country. Most people in these countries don't even have cars, so expect to have them delivered.  It takes some time, about 1-3 months, for the Bibles to be delivered, sometimes less than a month, be patient, it really works. Within a week or so after your letter goes out, you'll get the receipt showing what you have requested, plus some other important information. I advise you keep this receipt in a safe place, as you may need information from it, to give to the recipient if things don't work out just as planned. The American Bible Society sends out an "end of the year" record of all the money you donated to getting Bibles, but just in case, you can use these receipts as proof, for a tax write off.