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    The attribute MEEKNESS, of spiritual fruit, as found in Galatians 5:23 can be defined as humility. Here are its Strong's concordance numbers, and definitions:





A form of G4239, used in certain parts; gentle, that is, humble: - meek.





From G4235; gentleness; by implication humility: - meekness.





Apparently a primary word; mild, that is, (by implication) humble: - meek. See also G4235.

Main Entry: meek
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse mjTkr gentle; akin to Welsh esmwyth soft
Date:13th century

1 : enduring injury with patience and without resentment : MILD
2 : deficient in spirit and courage : SUBMISSIVE
3 : not violent or strong : MODERATE
–meekly adverb
–meekness noun

Here are scriptures to help shed light on the meaning of Strong's G4235, G4236 and  G4239 as used in the Bible:

Matthew 5:5 KJV+ Blessed3107 are the meek:4239 for3754 they846 shall inherit2816 the3588 earth.1093

Matthew 11:28-30 KJV+ Come1205 unto4314 me,3165 all3956 ye that labor2872 and2532 are heavy laden,5412 and I2504 will give you rest.373, 5209 29 Take142 my3450 yoke2218 upon1909 you,5209 and2532 learn3129 of575 me;1700 for3754 I am1510 meek4235 and2532 lowly5011 in heart:2588 and2532 ye shall find2147 rest372 unto your5216 souls.5590 30 For1063 my3450 yoke2218 is easy,5543 and2532 my3450 burden5413 is2076 light.1645

Matthew 21:5-9 KJV+ Tell2036 ye the3588 daughter2364 of Zion,4622 Behold,2400 thy4675 king935 cometh2064 unto thee,4671 meek,4239 and2532 sitting1910 upon1909 an ass,3688 and2532 a colt4454 the foal5207 of an ass.5268 6 And1161 the3588 disciples3101 went,4198 and2532 did4160 as2531 Jesus2424 commanded4367 them,846 7 And brought71 the3588 ass,3688 and2532 the3588 colt,4454 and2532 put2007 on1883 them846 their848 clothes,2440 and2532 they set1940 him thereon.1883, 846 8 And1161 a very great4118 multitude3793 spread4766 their1438 garments2440 in1722 the3588 way;3598, (1161) others243 cut down2875 branches2798 from575 the3588 trees,1186 and2532 strewed4766 them in1722 the3588 way.3598 9 And1161 the3588 multitudes3793 that went before,4254 and2532 thatfollowed,190 cried,2896 saying,3004 Hosanna5614 to the3588 son5207 of David:1138 Blessed2127 is he that cometh2064 in1722 the name3686 of the Lord;2962 Hosanna5614 in1722 the3588 highest.5310

2 Corinthians 10:1 KJV+ 1 Now1161 I1473 Paul3972 myself846 beseech3870 you5209 by1223 the3588 meekness4236 and2532 gentleness1932 of Christ,5547 who3739 in2596 presence4383 am(3303) base5011 among1722 you,5213 but1161 being absent548 am bold2292 toward1519 you:5209

Galatians 5:22-23 KJV+ But1161 the3588 fruit2590 of the3588 Spirit4151 is2076 love,26 joy,5479 peace,1515 longsuffering,3115 gentleness,5544 goodness,19 faith,4102 23 Meekness,4236 temperance:1466 against2596 such5108 there is2076 no3756 law.3551

Galatians 6:1 KJV+ Brethren,80 if1437 a man444 be(2532) overtaken4301 in1722 a5100 fault,3900 ye5210 which are spiritual,4152 restore2675 such a one5108 in1722 the spirit4151 of meekness;4236 considering4648 thyself,4572 lest3361 thou4771 also2532 be tempted.3985

Ephesians 4:1-3 KJV+ I1473 therefore,3767 the3588 prisoner1198 of1722 the Lord,2962 beseech3870 you5209 that ye walk4043 worthy516 of the3588 vocation2821 wherewith3739 ye are called,2564 2 With3326 all3956 lowliness5012 and2532 meekness,4236 with3326 longsuffering,3115 forbearing430 one another240 in1722 love;26 3 Endeavoring4704 to keep5083 the3588 unity1775 of the3588 Spirit4151 in1722 the3588 bond4886 of peace.1515

Colossians 3:12-14 KJV+ 12 Put on1746 therefore,3767 as5613 the elect1588 of God,2316 holy40 and2532 beloved,25 bowels4698 of mercies,3628 kindness,5544 humbleness of mind,5012 meekness,4236 longsuffering;3115 13 Forbearing430 one another,240 and2532 forgiving5483 one another,1438 if1437 any man5100 have2192 a quarrel3437 against4314 any:5100 even2532 as2531 Christ5547 forgave5483 you,5213 so3779 also2532 do ye.5210 14 And1161 above1909 all3956 these things5125 put on charity,26 which3748 is2076 the bond4886 of perfectness.5047

1 Timothy 6:11 KJV+ But1161 thou,4771 O5599 man444 of God,2316 flee5343 these things;5023 and1161 follow after1377 righteousness,1343 godliness,2150 faith,4102 love,26 patience,5281 meekness.4236

2 Timothy 2:25-26 KJV+ In1722 meekness4236 instructing3811 those that oppose themselves;475 if God peradventure3379, 2316 will give1325 them846 repentance3341 to1519 the acknowledging1922 of the truth;225 26 And2532 that they may recover themselves366 out of1537 the3588 snare3803 of the3588 devil,1228 who are taken captive2221 by5259 him846 at1519 his1565 will.2307

Titus 3:2-7 KJV+ To speak evil987 of no man,3367 to be1511 no brawlers,269 but gentle,1933 showing1731 all3956 meekness4236 unto4314 all3956 men.444 3 For1063 we2249 ourselves also2532 were2258 sometimes4218 foolish,453 disobedient,545 deceived,4105 serving1398 divers4164 lusts1939 and2532 pleasures,2237 living1236 in1722 malice2549 and2532 envy,5355 hateful,4767 and hating3404 one another.240 4 But1161 after3753 that the3588 kindness5544 and2532 love of God our Savior toward man5363, 2316, 2257, 4990 appeared,2014 5 Not3756 by1537 works2041 of1722 righteousness1343 which3739 we2249 have done,4160 but235 according2596 to his848 mercy1656 he saved4982 us,2248 by1223 the washing3067 of regeneration,3824 and2532 renewing342 of the Holy40 Ghost;4151 6 Which3739 he shed1632 on1909 us2248 abundantly4146 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Savior;4990 7 That2443 being justified1344 by his1565 grace,5485 we should be made1096 heirs2818 according2596 to the hope1680 of eternal166 life.2222

1 Peter 3:1-7 KJV+ Likewise,3668 ye wives,1135 be in subjection5293 to your own2398 husbands;435 that,2443 if any1536 obey not544 the3588 word,3056 they also2532 may without427 the word3056 be won2770 by1223 the3588 conversation391 of the3588 wives;1135 2 While they behold2029 your5216 chaste53 conversation391 coupled with1722 fear.5401 3 Whose3739 adorning2889 let it not3756 be2077 that3588 outward1855 adorning of plaiting1708 the hair,2359 and2532 of wearing4025 of gold,5553 or2228 of putting on1745 of apparel;2440 4 But235 let it be the3588 hidden2927 man444 of the3588 heart,2588 in1722 that which is not corruptible,862 even the ornament of a meek4239 and2532 quiet2272 spirit,4151 which3739 is2076 in the sight1799 of God2316 of great price.4185 5 For1063 after this manner3779 in the old time4218 the3588 holy40 women1135 also,2532 who trusted1679 in1909 God,2316 adorned2885 themselves,1438 being in subjection5293 unto their own2398 husbands:435 6 Even as5613 Sarah4564 obeyed5219 Abraham,11 calling2564 him846 lord:2962 whose3739 daughters5043 ye are,1096 as long as ye do well,15 and2532 are not afraid5399, 3361 with any3367 amazement.4423 7 Likewise,3668 ye husbands,435 dwell with4924 them according2596 to knowledge,1108 giving632 honor5092 unto the3588 wife,1134 as5613 unto the weaker772 vessel,4632 and2532 as5613 being heirs together4789 of the grace5485 of life;2222 that your5216 prayers4335 be not3361 hindered.1581